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What I learned from my 2-day solo trip in Gothenburg

Architect Sou Fujimoto, speaker for the #NordicArchitectureFair
When you travel to a new place, it's impossible not to learn. You will always, by any means, bring something with you back home. 

Just yesterday, I was in Gothenburg to attend the Nordic Architecture Fair 2017. It was a 2-day conference and exhibit jam-packed with architects, town planners, developers, property owners, engineers, exhibitors and students to share expertise and learn about the future of architecture and the society. It was totally overwhelming being in that kind of event. Mainly because for me, meeting with prominent architects in the Nordic region is like meeting celebrities. It was far beyond words can explain! Another reason is that, there's a lot of interesting topics and ideas to take in, you wish you could get them stay in your head for just too long. 

Okay, now you ask me, what I learned, aside from design strategies and so much technicalities? Here are some take aways from my 2 days in Gothenburg.

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