Visit Korea’s Biggest Electronics Show This Year
iPad, iPhone, notebook, laptop, cellphones, digital cameras, name it. Theyre everywhere. Growing, evolving and continually becoming smarter. That many of us, nowadays, are becoming more and more dependent on these gadgets.

I don't want to sound like I hate technology. Infact, I LOOOOVE Technology, and how it has been of good help and source of income to a lot of people, like me. Also, I'm one lover of  TV programs about how a simple product or even a waste material transforms into a WOW gadget. Like what we're gonna see in Korea's biggest electronics show this year.

Korean electronics, by the way, ranked 4th in the world electronics production. And, now, KES is facing to open the 42nd show. See details below.
    Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
    Visit the Korea’s Biggest Electronics Show!
    Korea Electronics Show 2011
      Oct. 12, 2011 ~ Oct. 15, 2011
      KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    For Registration, Visit:

    Last year, 2010, Korea Electronics Grand Fair together with the show such as APP World Expo, World 3D Expo, and Convergence forum made it a blast. KES displayed on a 53,541m2 site, global best-sellers including mobile phones, semi-conductors, and displays, along with convergence solutions such as fashion IT, medical IT, construction IT, etc., proposing a direction for the next generation of electronics and IT industries.

    A total of 1,823 representative buyers of IT industries from 23 nations such as Russia, China, and India participated in the show, as well as about 750 companies including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hynix, Taiyo, Yuden, Merck and others.

    And no doubt, this year, will also be a successful event. So, what are you waiting for? Save the date and start saving some bucks. :)

    For more info, visit:

    KES Official Facebook Page and Official Twitter
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