Tulod Residence (1st Draft)


Bacamante Residence (Draft)


Tulod Residence (Final Draft)


San Ramon Residence


Church School


Welcome to Clumsy Clariss!

Clumsy Clariss is a personal-lifestyle blog based in... wherever she is. 
At the moment she is in the land of the Trolls and Vikings, and the happiest place on earth, Norway

Clariss grew up in the Philippines, where people seem to be so happy and singing all the time. 
Because she thought she's smart and very good at drawing, she decided to study architecture in Manila and luckily after some years of experience, passed the board and swore an oath to her profession. 

In 2015, she was able to score a job in Malaysia, her second home, where she became a fully bloomed Clumsy Clariss version 2.0. 😎 She felt empowered by being out of her comfort zone just on her own. She managed to gain new friends, travelled around South East Asia, Middle East and crossed off many things in her bucket list even herself can't imagine. Now, she's in Norway... trying to figure out her life once again while living her dreams, together with her lovey dovey, who by the way she met in Malaysia. 

Aside from the above facts, Clariss also fancies Swimming, Music, Art and dogs.
And when boredom strikes, she's normally playing her ukulele, modelling with her photographer brother Japhetonthego, experimenting with her new make up, reading books or procrastinating on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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