Ate (sister) Turns 27

Thats us, climbing uphill
 My sister truns 27 last January 17, 2011 in Rizal (1 hour ride from Makati) . We dont really expect our mom to prepare such celebration for the reason that (I know!) we're no longer 18. But that is soo sweet of her and we love when she's like that. Okay, so the photos you see here shows the activities we LOOOve to do and what we usually do as a celebration. We go to areas outside the city and chiiilll :)

Arrival Goup Picture. Maam Ning (the one who's wearing pink leggings) has their own really cool Nipa Hut on top of the hill. Thanks to her for accomodating us :)

That's mom on the right and my sister "Van" on the left. Mom prepared all of the food. Though it wasnt too grande, we still enjoyed her surprised :) Really, we appreciate her effort. hugs and kisses for you mom!
High jump for the celebrant!

A good hike for a good a weather!Thanks to Daddy God! :)

Departure Group Pic.
We so love the place that we took pictures in every cool spot we see.LOL

Another cool spot :) Mountain of gravel plus flat enormous tires

Another shot from the Mountain of gravel

Wow! Look at the sky! a great piece of art from above! You rock Papa God!

Our final stop:Market Market.grab our dinner and went home with a refreshed soul.

Now I cant wait for my birthday to come. :)

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