Being Passionate

Passion is something you strongly love doing. It gives you the feeling of enthusiasm.When you're passionate about something, you dont get tired of it. Some says its the same feeling of being in love. In love with an entity, an idea or just something you believe in. It stirs up our emotions whether joy, pain, sorrow or envy. It awakens our soul. It give us the reason to exist. 
One thing I'm passionate about, aside from singing and painting, is being in the water
(mom would definitely agree with me). Just by being with it and learning some moves  (strokes) gives me the feeling of being free, free from every-day's stress and pressures. It is actually my way of being a child again. Every time mama called me to inform that we'll be going to the Rizal Stadium for a swim, Oh! my heart leaps in joy, can't help but have butterflies in my tummy. Like the feeling of having your ultimate crush beside you,  playing the guitar while singing your fave song . OwkEY! Clarissa, enough of these mushy stuff.
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