Brother's Treat

 Last Tuesday, brother had a hard time breathing due to bad flu, so he asked me out for a swim
After doing the 3-hour breast stroke & crawl lap in a crowded pool, we headed home. Tired and exhausted. Thank God, brother heard my crying tummy. So we dropped by at the nearest and cheapest food chain we found along the busy street in Pembo. Sorry, Im having a hard time pronouncing and yuh! remembering its name but as you can see its a noodle with mixture of asado sauce, chili sauce and more. And it taste just OK. Somehow, it survived my hunger. Thank God for that.
That's Jap (my bro). Seemed confused of what to put first :)
Red-eyed brother due to the absence of goggles :)
Brother! Dont show them your excitement! haha :)
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