Camper At Heart

Have you ever tried going out for a camp without your parents beside you? Do you know how to make a fire without the help of a match or a lighter perhaps? Can you stand a day without watching your favorite tv shows? If yes, well, Congratulations! You are a certified
 camper at heart!
I honestly belong to the same boat as well. Since grade school our mom trained us to be independent. She’s actually the one who encouraged us to join girl scouting. From that organization, we learned lots of things an ordinary grade school wont. Like of course as a girl scout you got to associate and establish bond with other girl scouts or else you wont accomplish any activity. Also, we learned how to value God’s creation. We also do talent portion, where in every group is required to show a presentation. Usually it is done on the last day of camp.Oh! how I missed these days.
Now, that I just graduated from college, busy schedule kills my desire to have fun and go camping. But this summer, I am looking forward to go out of town with my family. Plan a picnic on the beach. Ofcourse, we will need a portable camping grill to do our favorite barbeque plus a cold iced tea. Hmnnn. I can’t wait now. The ideas of my youth camps are getting into my brain. Camping reminds me of the nights we slept in our tents with only those tiki torches outside lighting the night, creating a cozy ambiance that makes me wanna rush back into those days.
Truly being in a camp is a very rewarding experience though being a camper requires time, effort and money. But surely, once it becomes part of your lifestyle, you’ll surely be amazed on how great the benefits are.

Live life! :)
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