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Do I Still Need A Diary?

These are my diaries since 2005 up to now. I know! that is how I value every single moment of my existence, including my crushes,those struggles I've been through, lessons I learned, my feelings for each day, even those funny nonsense events...all of them are noted! 
I really wanted to keep those memories as long as I live and I wanna share em to my future family. Also, I write em down cuz, as they all know me, I am a very forgetful person. So, when I wanted to go back to my old days, I read them. Sometimes, I find myself laughing and sometimes shedding in tears. :) But that was cool and I am so amazed how God mold me into a better shape. I know, I'm still a work in progress. And though I may not continue recording all those events, I believe God had a big record of all the things were doing here whether good or bad.
A better view of my diaries...

...and Planners since 2004 
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