Finally Got My Passport

After a month of waiting, finally, my passport got into our doorstep. However, I was in mom's workplace that time when my brother send me the good news. So I told my mom, hurried home and rushed into touching it.
Actually, my passport experience was not that bad compared to others who waited in line till evening until they were processed. When I applied for it, standing on the set an appointment (just follow the instructions given in that link). After you click the Start Individual Appointment Process, you have to fill out the form, then click submit.Just do what the instruction tells you and at the last part you will be asked when (date & time) are you available to process your passport. Also, they will give you the requirements in application (like 2 valid ID's, money, etc.) Mine costs 950 for passport and 120 for delivery. Plus you got to bring extra money for your transportation and snacks (1500php will do,depending on your location). So that wraps it up. Oh! before I forget, thanks to my mom for lending enough money for my application. (will pay you later) :) hehe
line just took 30 minutes perhaps and the other procedures went 1.5 hours (that includes a little interview, ID picture and if you want it delivered you gotta pay 120 pesos), not bad. Thank God I got my sister with me and a TV infront of where we're sitting. So, to give you a preview (if youre planning to get a passport) here's what you have to undergo.

Godbless and Happy Trip!
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