First On Savory

After my bestfriends grad, her sweet and gorgeous mom brought us at Savory for a treat. I am not familiar with its name and the exterior is quite old... reaaally old. Imagine the old days when our grannies went a restaurant for a date?The place is exactly how it looked like after a decade! LOL
But dear, "dont judge a book by its cover". Because their chicken and pancit is sooo delicious we forgot to take pictures of it. 

That was during the long wait. Look at the kid lying with his head on the table(named:EJ).
 Oh! poor EJ, so hungry as bear.

That was after the war.haha!  Swear, we were really busy
eating their ever yummy and juicy chix.


The one and only captured moment of the poor salvage chix.LOL

That was fast!

These are my friends. (L) Kuya Marino, Ate(sister), Earl (my bestfriend), Moi and Kuya Myke

Us together with yummy EJ saying our final bye's to each other

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