Her Way To Kill Boredom

Yesterday, I was infront of the computer when mom asked me to look at her stuffs. I was shocked to see her with the many many things like a small coin bank fire extinguisher, a collection of comic book, a hot and cold thing you put on your belly ( I dont know what you call it), flute, sunflower, lots of bags, jewelries and a bunch of many to mention things. I cant believe she had those things in her office. And FYI, most of them are gifts. WOW!She's really that friendly huh?
Aside from going to her garden, talking to her green friends, ukay-ukay hoping, watching
 bloody movies, going to a seminar for freebies and foody, reading her comic books, sewing her clothes, fixing her things and getting rid of her clutter are just some of my mom's way to kill boredom. I tell you, she never stops until she finds something to do. When all she's doing is just sitting and walking around. Oh! expect the worst from her. But I love her the way she is.
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