Meet and Greet with Thai Friends


Meet our friend: Manus. He's a guy from Thailand though his feature is so Pinoy. He loves to travel around the globe to introduce his business. :) Actually, Ate Jho introduce him to mom and mom to us. Then we met.
He invited us to PICC to attend a seminar about his buz and we were very enthusiastic about it, because it's FREE! Duh! Who doesnt want a free seminar? :) So, on the way to PICC, we ride on a tricycle. The funny thing about it is, it's his first time. And, he doesnt know how to ride one. You know how he did it? He rode the same way as the driver did. And yes! A lot of people are staring at him. Swear, everytime we remember that, oh! we cant help but laugh in tears. :') But he is such a good guy. Very friendly and hardworking. Just like mom.

The day after our first meeting, he intoduces his business to us in a hotel (somewhere in Mandaluyong). He cooked for us very delicious Thai food. Like what you see on the pictures below. Fresh, healthy and yummy! :)

The last part; saying thank you and goodbyes. You see, in that picture, we gave Manus a shirt from Makati (that yellow with a touch of white on the center and mayor's face on it). 
And, before I forgot, mom told him that he rode the tric the wrong way. And again, this time with him,we laugh out loud. But after that, he said that is their way of riding their tuk-tuk. Tuk-tuk in Thailand is the same thing as tricycle here in the Philippines. In Thai, If people see you ride a tuktuk with a close leg, they might think you're a gay. Now I know. :) To add to this, I did a lil research so I can see the difference. Here, take a peek.

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