Miscellaneous Me is turning 1 this April

Miscellaneous Me is celebrating its 1st year this April and I got very excited when I saw their giveaway accessories.
Here are the accessories from Miranda Miranda, which I think would fit beautifully on my my sunday dress. :) All of them are really alluring but Nymph necklace captured my heart most. :)


(From left-right) A nymph necklace, made from freshwater pearls, hammer shells and mother-of-pearl chips. A lariat necklace (without locks or claps), usually worn by winding it once or twice around, very flexible fashion accessory that can be worn in many different ways. A tiered majorica bracelet collection; has 3 strands of Majorica pearls with ribbon and is on an elastic bracelet.
There will be one winner for each item. And for joining here's the mechanics:

1. Blog about this giveaway. Make sure that your post links back to her contest post. Please also include what accessory you like most from Miranda Miranda‘s accessories.
2. Subscribe to her Miscellaneous Me email feeds.
3. Follow her using Google Friend Connect.

For more info of joining click HERE.

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