Mom With Her New Wheels

Mom got a new wheels! A second hand bicycle from the prestigious Ukay store nearby. Now, another duty was given to her. Aside from supervising her c3 kids, making decisions, training them, checking the garden and yes, going to the helepad to give a test drive to her new pet. It's name? I have no idea! But I got so excited when I  first saw it on the facebook. And I badly wanted to try it. I wanted to know how does it feel to drive a bic on top of a building.
This is my mama with her new baby Bicy,
you must see her joyrides on her facebook here

Clarissa (that's me) enjoying her ride

Oh! this is coool! A very heroic pose READY TO RESCUE AND SAVE THE DAY. Fulfilling her duty together with her mom's new bicy ( I hope it has a name)

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