Mom's Got A Greenthumb!

Everyone knows my mom as someone who has a greenthumb. Yes!By Wikipedia's definition, she is able  to get plants to grow well just by being around, by talking or even playing music.
During mom's past time, you know where to find her. Exactly! (all together now) out to the garden!!! Together with her pail, watering her tarragon tea, cactus, mint tea and more other unrecognizable plants and talking to them (as if they understand each other).LOL
Well, I tried doing what she's doing but
it bores me and makes me look ( I know!) craAAZY!
Well, I am not against what she's doing, though I'm a little jealous how much time she spent with her plants :) LOL. Actually I am proud of how my mom participates in lessening carbon dioxide emission and maybe I could try doing it the other way I am good at. But oh! how I wish I inherited her greenthumb. haha! :)

You know what amazed me? It is how she still manage to spend time with her lil green friends (that's her plants) despite of her busy schedule.

Love you mom! I heartily support you in fighting climate change. :)
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