Mom's A Pro!

Yesterday: swimming a thousand+ meters. Today, running and running and running till we drop, plus going up and down 24 floors. Oh!I swear, Its killing me. Thank God, now, my muscles are getting used it. 
I remember after the qualifying exam for SAR Training; moving just a bit is a total struggle. 
But mom? She's a pro! She accompanies me to my daily training without complaining.
She's also my number 1 (and only) trainor especially when it comes to swimming. You must see her moves once she's
 submerged into the water. I myself cant mimic her styles eh. But the good thing is, I'm learning. And her duty: to watch my stroke, correct my moves, make me eat just enough food. And also,my alarm clock.  :) So, when you're in need of a strict but really concerned trainor; you should call her.
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