My Brother Is Not A Pig!

My baby brother is one of my source of happiness. Actually he's no longer a baby. But he's the youngest. And, he loved acting like a baby especially when mama gets home with lots of groceries. Or, when he's done with his plate but still hungry, so he'll act like a poor lil kitten (like puss in boot) starving for food. I dont know what's in his tummy, he's always hungry even though he had eaten a lot. But it's cute and funny. 
One thing I admire him is, he's goal oriented and a brilliant film maker. he'll do anything in the name of film making. Also, he's stubborn. When he wants something, he is dedicated to get it. Like the brownies in my pocket. One time, I resisted so he wont get it, but he was so strong. And, before I knew it, it's already in his big mouth. hahahay! But it's ok, its just my  fave brownie. Though sometimes he's the one who started the fight, still I love him veeery much. :) 
 Now, I dont know what kind of writing will fit this photgraphs but I'm sure just the pictures alone will knock you down laughing. So I will just show you these random shots, alright? Hope you enjoy! And yeah! Dont hesitate to laugh your head off! :)

I hope I could still see those foodies when I get home.
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