A New Backpack from Mom

I got so excited camping and was actually looking for a backpak, when mom handed me a new black backpack. Good thing it's black, so when I go out for camp or some outdoor adventures no problem of getting messy. It has many pockets which I love the most so I can put lots of things or pasalubong perhaps without worrying it might explode.LOL. It seem a bit used but swear!my mom ...is a goooood steward of her stuffs, so it doesnt look that old. It's built? Hmnn not so big not too small for my size. You can use it for 3-5 days if your going for a trip unless you are a Kikay (that means too girly) type of person. I actually got the pictures,
 too bad the computer wont let me upload it (always failed to upload). I dont know why. :( But ill post it as soon as possible. :)
By the way, just a few tips in choosing the right backpack for you;

1. First you choose a backpack that fits perfectly your size, or else you might end up having trouble carrying it.:) And always consider how long would you go camping.

2. Next,(for me) it is better to choose a dark color one so when you climb a muddy mountain you can save up some detergents when you get home.

3. Last, always check the quality of the fabric used (it doesnt always have to be expensive) and see if it has enough pockets for your gadgets and other stuffs.

Now I'm ready! Camping here I come...
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