A Time To Mourn

"I just want to inform you that our three compatriots have been executed,"...."It is a sad day for all of us. Until the last moment, we did everything we could to save the three.".... These are the lines from Vice President Jejomar Binay which was announced yesterday at around 12 noon over the radios and on the televisions. 

Actually, I'm aware of the issue about
the trio -- Ramon Credo,  Sally Villanueva, and Elizabeth Batain -- who were arrested separately in China in 2008 for smuggling heroin and sentenced to death. It was not a big deal for me until I heard VP Binay speak. His voice is really sad and a bit shaky. I can feel his despair for the souls of our country men. 
Knowing him as Makati's mayor, I am so sure he did everything up to the last minute to spare the lives of the trio. But Chinese government insisted there would be no favours, and that their cases would be dealt according to domestic laws. 
I don't know what exactly to write though honestly the moment I heard that they were executed, my heart was crushed. But, they made a mistake and they have to pay the price, the worst way. :(
We all know that such situation is hard especially to the relatives of the trio but in times like this, Remember that, God cares about us. He draws close to us and comforts us.
We may not prevent being in a situation like this because mourning is a part of life. But when we experience a loss, we need to mourn in order to heal our broken hearts.

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