When Mama said, "I'm pulling you out"

Yesterday I, together with my co trainees (Makati), talked to mama about what happened to the meeting last Thursday. We told her about the accomodation fee, the transpo., the unsure chopper,and the other expenses (which is way too much). Then, she got disappointed and decided to pull us out of the training. At first, I dont know how to feel, but my reactions are "OK, whatever mama said, I'm good with that." But deep inside...my dreams of riding a helicopter, being a certified rescuer, swimming an extra mile, rapelling down the chopper...boom! crashed down like a shattered glass.
After a couple of minutes of being self centered, I realized that it wasnt a big deal at all. Mom can give us a training same as that. She can teach us those rescue techniques. And, she's a certified trainor, so no worries! After all, every training and muscle pain we've gone through our practices, were all worth it. I know, mom's reasons of pulling us out was very acceptable. We might have use our training fee in the more important things. Besides, my dreams wont stop there.
I was really sad about it. But, I know Mama knows best. And, God had better plans towards fulfilling my dreams.

Live, Love, Laugh! :)
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