Basic Guitar Lesson for Brother

My brother got a prob with one of his subjects. And he has to do some performance just to pass, so he can  graduate this month end. But, Guess what subject it is? Music! 

We're not super talented in music, but to those who knew us, they can testify that music is one of our inborn skill. lol :)

My brother, actually, is a theater performer who played some great lead roles in their school. That's why I'm really pissed off when I heard him got an INC in Music.  I dont wanna be like an exaggerated sister but it's just weird to almost fail a graduating student by just some personal matters. 

So he asked me if I could teach him the easiest song I know. And as a good and concern sister, I said yes to him and taught him the easiest guitar chord song i know. Yes, No other than the legendary leaving on a jet plane with the D-G, D-G, D-G-A chords. 

I was really entertained every time my brother get a little impatient because we all know that its really painful playing guitar for the first time. :) 

Here are some of our funny pictures during the tutorial:

After those sleepless nights my brother had to finish a bunch of album reviews, song composition and guitar performance, still, they were not given a grade they really deserved. But, it's part of being a student. To be under the authority even if some of them are abusive in power.

Well, "Batu-bato sa langit ang tmaan wag magalit." :)

Oh by the way video of our practice will be posted soon.

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