Death Comes Like A Thief

This morning, a sad news shocked our house. It was the death of AJ Perez, a young  television actor, whose real name is Antonilo Joseph S. Perez. The 18 year old actor was killed in a road accident in Tarlac province at around 12:20 AM. Actually, I had a chance to see  him personally though I'm not big fan of AJ.  Yet, we still cant help not to feel really sad for the family and relatives he left. He is too young to die. And I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to his career.

AJ's death is all over the news and talk shows this afternoon. I was on the stage of moving on to this depressing topic when suddenly someone knocked on our door. I thought it was ate (sister) but I was wrong. A lady asking for an abuloy (relief) to one of our neighbor. "Si Roy.",she said. I don't easily remember names though I can recognize them by face. So, the lady described him. Now I remember. He is the one who always greets me when I passed the hallway. He's a very good and funny man with a lump on his neck. Too bad, I didnt get a chance to tell him how I appreciate his kindness. :(

Today, I cant help but blog about this. Life  is but a blink of an eye really. If only we could turn back time. Surely we would spend it with the more important things. But, No. we dont have the power to do it nor predict the future. Like what i said on the title,  Death comes like a thief. We can never tell when it'll come. 

The lesson:  Focus on what is eternal.

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