Good Job Paypal!

Just this morning, I received a message on my hotmail informing me that this particular company sent me a 20 US dollar via my Paypal account. Again, I over reacted and got very excited logging in to my Paypal account.  Too bad, when I entered my password, these words welcomed me: "Please make sure you enter your email address and password correctly. If you still can't log in, please see the Troubleshooting Tips below." So I followed the instructions. They asked me if I remember my email account. "Yes, Ofcourse!" Then proceed to these (I cant remember) Security Questions. I tried so many times but failed. I squeezed my brain for answers but still it wont give me the right one. But I never gave up!

I emailed them. Good thing about Paypal is their quick response. They asked me if I can wait for about 72 hours so they may view my account. So I waited. After about 2 minutes, my phone rang. I cant recognize the number 'coz its I think a number from US. But I did answer. I knew it! It's Cherry, from Paypal. She asked me personal details for verification. After that, she gave me a 5 digit code. Then asked for a new password and security questions. And, Voila! It's recovered! Yey!

Thanks Paypal! I never thought they would be that fast in people's concern!

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