This photo was taken and edited by one of my fabulous blogger friend from Australia; Yileen. I just met her at bloggersdotcom and the story how she made me a banner goes like this:
I'm one avid fan of her site delirious jellybean. Not just because of her awesome and very eye friendly blog lay out but also because every photo, video and writing she makes is, for me, very sincere, enjoyable and worth your while. That is why I love going back to her page again and again and again. Also, she loves browsing and commenting on my posts even though some of my posts are really nonsense (haha!).

Then, one day, she found me on facebook and sent a pm. That time, I was so pissed off with my header. So, I asked her a favor to make me one. And, I was so happy she agreed with a smiley icon. Plus, she didnt ask me anything in return. So I made a post dedicated to her.

A million thanks to you Yileen dear! By the way, I already made it  "My Idle Feet" header.

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