I Won!I Won!

Yesterday, a lot of things contributed to my feelings of being sad and restless. I wont mention them though.( Is it because yesterdays April Fools!? Oh no!) But just a while ago, as I opened my dashboard, browse the latest posts from blogger friend. ta-daaaaaaaaam! 
I still can't believe it. My hands are actually cold and my heart is still in shock! hahaha I know. I know how over reacting I am now, but it's actually my very FIRST TIME to win. That is why I'm overjoyed and excited. And I am so looking forward to receiving the prize. This, I am sure is God's surprise. He really knew how to make me smile when I'm sad!Oh! How AWESOME GOD You are!

Thank You so much Lord! And  Chris plus her super cutie kiddo!
You are such a blessing in disguise :) 

God bless us all and Happy Blogging!:)

When can the killer treasure a betting knight? (word verification:dont pay attention to this.) :)
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