My Blogger Momah!

Just this morning, as mom was preparing to go to the office, she asked me these blogging hows. Then, I told her these blogging basics I learned and make her understand some of the technical terms commonly used. Excited to post all her photos and experiences, mom (once again) asked me to do a demo. So, we made her first post and published it immediately. 

Mom's blog, by the way, is all about her experiences both in career and personal life. The title of her blog is "Anecdota of A Rescuer". Basically the content of all her writings revolves in all her trainings, seminar and all those really informative stuff about rescuing or saving lives. As adventurous as she is, her blog will surely excite you to know more about her life as a mother, a public servant, and a rescuer. To know more about her and her blog, click HERE.
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