Real Life Mask

Last Friday, some of our JIVE Youth (including yours truly) went to SBC Masinag to join the ACTS team in the drama presentation this coming 2011 Summer Youth Camp. During the practice, Kuya Erwin ( director of drama team) brought out all the props needed. Some were black cloths for demon roles, cross (of different sizes) and many other. But what caught my attention was the mask painted in silver with black lining on it. For me wearing a mask is a good thing for actors and actresses . Somehow masks help lessen the nervousness they feel on stage. To put it simply; masks hide our fears. 
Then a thought caught my idle mind: People wear real life masks. Yes! We wear masks to hide our real identity. We wear masks to protect ourselves from people's judgement. Admit it or not, we all have this. 

Good news is, we can be removed it with God's help. Just ask Him sincerely and He will be in charged of your total make over. 

Have a wonderful Holy Week!
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