Tired of Being Tired?

Are your tired of everydays' routine? Though you sleep all day long, you still feel your body in constant sensation of being lethargic?
Well, dear, worry not! It only means that you belong to the human world who experience stress due to busy lifestyle. :)
Like I experienced a few hours ago, in front of my computer staring at my dashboard, email and facebook account (again and again and again)...squeezing my brain for ideas....
Then I looked at the wall clock. Already 2AM, everyone's sleeping and I'm still here without a single thought to write. Yeah!Poor brain...So I decided to pee and take a moment of silence inside our bathroom(my place of solitude). :)
There,a very nice idea suddenly popped up!"Clarissa, why not write about yesterday's preaching?"... then paused.(ugh) I should have thought about it earlier.

Anyway, what I learned as part of our monthly series on maintaining a balanced life, is about God's antidote to burnout. I think it's very essential to know these things because most of us can relate to this especially those working (single) moms. Like my mom, for so many years, she managed to study, take care of us and work at the same time just to give us the best life she can give.Actually, I am not totally aware of what she's been through but as we all know,  when we're very tired, we easily feel so down and react crazily. But it's OK, in fact it's very normal. Good thing, God has given us solutions to battle these feelings.

Let me share you last Sunday's message that our Pastor (Ptr Jeff) shared about. It revolves on Elijah's encounter with series of stress in life and how God worked in him.
Common Mistakes We Make (when we are emotionally and physically drained)

1. Focusing on FEELINGS rather than FACTS
2. COMPARING ourselves to others
3. BLAMING others for things that are not your fault
4. EXAGGERATING the negative

God's Antidote To Burnout

1. REST your body
2. RELEASE your frustrations
3. REFOCUS on God
4. RECOMMIT your life to HIS purpose

Sure on the soul eh? But you know what common mistake hit me the most? Its focusing on feelings rather than facts. Women would agree with me on this; we tend to be emotional rather than rationale. I am not saying it's not good to be emotional, but sometimes emotions can make the situation worst. Because remember, not all feelings are right. So, we must think a million times before we make a decision. And, one thing I learned from my experience, sometimes the simplest solution is hardest to find. :)

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