Real Blogging Formula from One of The World's Youngest Blogger

Upon browsing for the latest tips in blogging, I found out this short yet quality real blogging formula from one of the world's youngest blogger; Jijo Sunny, 16, from India. He's really young, but his mind thinks like a 30 plus year old man. And his tips, are very practical. (See Jijo's real blogging formula below).

  1. Discover, Suggest, Teach something new and innovative.
  2. Get your article linked from other blogs, as a reward for your useful content.
  3. Optimize content and theme perfectly. How search engines cannot rank this higher?
  4. Readers will share your post on Twitter, Facebook and Social bookmarking websites and it will become popular in the social media.
  5. Place Google ads perfectly. If you go further, give a try to direct advertisements and affiliate marketing too.
  6. Make more visitors, money and above all, reputation.
For more insights from Jijo, visit his site at and
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