What Makes Me Feel Like Levitating?

I have been searching for online contest when suddenly I bumped in to Levy's Living Life To The Fullest' $500 worth of cash and prizes give away contest. Who wouldn't want that big big prize? So I grab my chance and followed her mechanics. 

I'm done with her 5 easy to follow steps and to complete my entry, I got to answer this question:
"What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?" (including wacky/jump shot pictures)

It was easy at first sight. And, I was thinking of writing situations like; being noticed by my crush, receiving gifts from suitors, daydreaming of getting married to a prince and a lot more. But, one thing I need to consider is, it has to be unique

Now, the question gets harder as I meditate on it. So, I tried to sneak a peek on some of the other entries (sorry for this). And, YES, most of them are parents, who really deserve a noble award. Problem is, I am not yet a parent.

But, big thanks for their inspiring stories, now I can share THE ONE thing that makes me feel like levitating. 

It's when I close my eyes and realize one solid truth that I am loved. Not only with the people around me, but also with my heavenly Father, up there, who loves me unconditionally, no matter how undeserving I am.

Being loved lets you feel like you're the happiest person on earth. It gives you the feeling of being special despite your imperfection.  

So, try it yourself! Allow that love to flow unrestricted within. That's when you can experience the spine tingling thrilled that would surely lift you up from where you're sitting. *An official entry to LEVY'S Contest*


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