Choco Is Looking For Something

For those who haven't been to our humble abode, you've just missed your chance to witness a very hyper turtle.  His name is Choco. Yes, he's a male turtle. A gift from one of my bffs. And, he is extraordinary. 

Believe it or not, he climbs like a monkey. He walks fast, unlike any other turtle. And, he is really hyper. Check out his ways to kill boredom:

Choco, what are you doing?

Have you found what you're looking for?
I bet not. :)
Oh! Is that what youve been searching?
Come on! Climb up! Aja! You can do it!
Never ever give up! Keep the faith :)
Poor Choco :( Come on! Stand up sweetie. Failure is not an option!
Keep looking...

After few minutes....

Choco found what he's been looking for.

Yes, dear readers. He loooves staying there, alone. Where he cant be seen by us. He's a little EMO. :) Very cute and adorable! :) 

By the way, Choco and Ping (they're a couple) already got their new born babies.

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