Dance With Your Face

Have you heard about the latest FACE DANCE-thing?

I first heard the term face dance at SHOWTIME. Billy, one of the host, gave a quick sample of how to dance with his face. Other hosts tried it as well. And, all of us were laughing and trying it like a mental patient after watching them.

Basically face dance is dancing not with your body but with your own cute face. How possible is that? Check out my friend's demo:

Like what you have just seen in the video, Face dance is stretching your face and creating wacky image while an upbeat music is playing. If you think it does no good benefits, well think again because face stretching/dancing can prevent wrinkles and smoothen your face. It can also be a good exercise that gives you glowing facial skin on account of better blood circulation as well as well-toned muscles.
If you're planning to do it at home: Inform the whole gang first so they wont think your loosing your mind. :) And, folks, never ever try to do it in public, alone.

Special thanks to Michael Chua for the face dance demo. 

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