Monster Invasion At Market Market

It was July 15, last Friday, when I heard a lot of people screaming at Market Market. The mall is just a jeepney ride from our crib but because I can't stand my menstrual pain, I have no choice but to stay at home, waiting for friends' update.

After a while, as expected, messages started to spam my inbox telling that there was a monster invasion happening at the mall. Ofcourse, I never believe any of them until I saw this video:

Good thing I can relate to the story on the video you have just seen.

Basically, it tells the story of how pitiful people are in the hands of evil pain monsters namely Body Pain, Headache, Dysmenorrhea and Toothache, along with their evil plans of spreading various pains to people around them.

Ofcourse, in the end, these evil monster group known as "The Legion of Pain" got defeated by no other than the good Advil Liqui-Force, using the new advanced Liqui Gel laser gun. (Click here for more details.)

By the way, kids and parents, fret not because definitely, these are not real monsters, but mascots. And, the show is only to present to us, in an entertaining manner, a latest product from Advil, that comes in a soft-gel capsule, called Advil Liqui-Gel
The new Advil Liqui-Gel is said to be better, compared to the ordinary tablet, since it contains soluble ibuprofen that quickly absorbs into the body for fast pain relief. So if you're experiencing headaches, back aches, arthritis, dysmenorrhea and other joint pains and body pains, and you don't have much time for pain, like most of us, surely this one's best for you.

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