What’s new?

What’s new? Nothing’s so new aside from I so missed Blogging!Its been a while since my last REAL post. Blame it on my current job! hahaha kidding (ofcourse!) But seriously, it's because everytime I got home all the way from New York (Cubao)-that is where I work, I can't help but feel so tired and sleepy and all I see is mah "BED". NO BLOGGING, NO EVENTS, NO SOCIAL LIFE, NO FUN STUFF…BOREDOM!Unfortunately, that’s been my lifestyle since November.  

chasethesun1But FYI, this one’s new: My Attitude!
I have no regrets accepting an offline job. Definitely not just because of the pay (which is really good)but also because I want to challenge myself. But I cant lie, I envy seeing pictures of my co bloggers in events, wearing those smiles I had before. But as I said, NO REGRETS! I think God has better and great idea why He put me in this area rather than in that area. Anyways, my job has a sort of connection with blogging thing naman, with a mixture of engineering, architecture and journalism. And its DIFFICULT! Yeah because its quite new to me and my first time to handle such task (to the point na naiyak na talaga ko!). It’s like being lost in a country of different language. You want to understand things quickly but you have to learn things little by little with much pain along the way. Sometimes people will tell you things that might hurt your ego, but you must not listen to them.  

Life is similar to that, we have two options; NO or GO, stay where you are or leave your position and go to the next level. But everytime you step up or speed up, you need to prepare yourself to face new challenges and experience pain, difficulties, tough times, BUT (pause here, take a deep breath… ok go!) awaiting is a priceless REWARD of a new and improved YOU with overwhelming experiences to share with friends and loved ones! But how can you achieve that? 

OK! Here are some tips!
  • Stay positive. 
  • Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. 
  • And, focus on the goal, which is to grow in knowledge and in character!
That must be awesome to know I’m growing up! Lol. Oh! That, by the way is JUST one of the many things I am thankful for. (Lord, you are superb talaga!)   
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