In the cyber world where all bloggers are moving-in has become more challenging due to different trends that have been born from time to time in every click and tick of their finger on the mouse. As the blogger pursue their passion, they tend to produce more effective write-ups that are based on their experiences, observation and even with their own opinion.

Kris Love ng Heart Ko Print Ad

For more than 10 years, heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the country. Almost 300 Filipinos die of heart disease every day based on the most recent data of the National Statistics Office (NSO). This number of deaths from heart ailments represents a high 21 percent of the total registered deaths in the country.

“What makes it heartbreaking is the fact that the prevalence rate is on the rise,” National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB) noted. From 77,060 deaths from heart disease in 2005, the number rose to 100,908 in 2009. This is equivalent to 31 percent increase in just a span of 4 years.

With the overwhelming tasks at hand and too little time to accomplish things, it’s a struggle for me to look for a place where I can give myself a break from my daily routine. As a result, I usually get stress. And stress, as we can all agreed, leads to unbalance physical life. Thank God, It was so timely that I was invited to join a Bioessence Bloggers Event at West Avenue where I got to try their newest program called BB Time; a refreshing 30 minute Beauty Break, for people who are always on the go, just like many of us here in Manila.
BB Time includes BB Facial, Foot Reflex and Back massage (each for 350php). With this 30 minute BB, one can maintain physical balance without spending too much of their time and money. Aside from the services they offer, one thing I like most with Bioessence is the people who are really nice. All through out they were smiling like they’ve known you for long. And, they were very accommodating, swear you wont get shy asking questions.

It was yesterday, May 3, 2012 that I have learned facts and misconceptions about the world's dangerous vector in the world: the Dengue-lamok. Held at G Hotel, Promenade Restaurant, the event was attended by fellow bloggers and people from the press. The goal is to inform the general public of the raising dengue threat in the country and how we can level up our family's protection against dengue with the new Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotion.
With all honesty, my childhood dream of being a model has been forgotten a long long time ago. Yes it's one of my many dreams, funny though, because I'm not the type that goes out with super mega extravagant outfit. Nahihiya talaga ko, so I'd rather wear jeans and simple shirt. Until people started appreciating my beauty. Then, I gain confidence, of course with God's reminder that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. But my transformation was not as fab as youre thinking. My brother even branded me a fashion victim for trying hard. I can't blame him cause even some of my friends told me that. haha!