Roses from the BFF

I never thought receiving flowers can actually make a person feel great after I got a rose from the bff. It’s just a simple rose in a plastic cover like the one you can buy at the sidewalk of FEU but well, it’s the thought that really counts right?

He gave it after the three of us (BFF)passed the board. We were at the tapsilogan in front of PRC and surprisingly handed me the flower. That was awesome treat! Since we were not really bestfriend, though he always insist we are, now maybe I can consider him one. hahaha Of course I’m kidding.
Why I blog about this?
Well, because I realized that there are so many things in life we should be grateful for. Like the people around us, the joy and tears they shared with us, the things we learned from our experiences, the unforgettable moments, the victory from the Lord, name it. They’re around us waiting to be remembered. May we always acknowledge their presence and most of all give gratitude to the Lord who truly deserves the credit.
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