New pairs of affordable footwear from Reva

I am not a big fan of shoes really. If I have a thousand bucks, there is no way I’m spending it on shoes, only when I badly need one. I remember when mom accompanied me to the mall to buy a replacement for my old old foot wear,  she would always tell me “ang kuripot mo naman anak”. Eh I just can’t afford to buy pair of shoes at a costly price. Above five hundred worth for me is too much. I know what you’re thinking. And that’s how kuripot I am. And by the way I have one confession here, I hate high heels. I hate how it makes my feet sick after a long walk. But I can carry it. I can dance with it, walk for a day and run with heels. But not for forever. Good thing, last week I went to the Market Market, and saw a big SALE on the activity center. So I dropped by and found my type of shoes: new pairs of  affordable footwear from Reva. 
That one, above, cost 300 pesos (7 dollars). I just love its color and style. Plus its affordable, not harsh on the feet and can fit in any occasions. Check out the other pair of Reva I bought for only 360 pesos (11 dollars). Same with the first, I love how it blends in anything I wear. Smile Just the perfect shoes for my taste.
Aside from shoes, Reva also offers quality flip flops and sandals at a very affordable price. Smile
I’m not sure if they’re still on sale at the Market Market but you could check details on their FB Fan page, HERE.
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