On my first heels

I’m no supermodel who won’t go out without wearing high heels.  I am but a plain lad who loves strolling, walking, running, jumping, and playing around with flats, or sneakers or even just a pair of flipflop. I just don’t think high heels can tolerate my hobby of being clumsy at times. But mom didn’t saw that when she bought me my first pair of high heels.  


Unboxing Milani, my first heels


This was actually a gift after passing the board. Or  an extended gift, since board exam was long time ago. It’s funny when mom and I were shopping for this; someone was looking, smiling and convincing us to grab this design. And, we found out that she was the owner of Milani. I was like, “mom let’s take a picture with her.” Too bad I lost our photo together.


2 inches? Not bad. haha! {yabang}


This, mom bought for 800php.

At first it was really painful to my little feet and I had to wear band-aid, but after wearing it for weeks, poor feet got numbed and used to it. haha! Infairness, I love when I get 2 inch taller when wearing this.   


Yay or Nay?

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