I can’t get over you, Palawan!

I saw my definition of paradise last January when our family went to El Nido, Palawan. It’s been 5 months {I know} but the impression it left me is still here! And as much as I wanted to write about it just after the trip, I don’t think I can give justice to its beauty when I speak in letters. So here, take a look at few of the thousand pictures we took.


El Nido, the Philippines' last frontier. It is a very small province in Palawan. You can explore the whole place in a day. I bet you can memorize all the names of the people residing here if you wanted to.


Our voyage started here.





Foreigners all over the lagoon. #itsmorefuninthephilippines


Beware: Blade like rock formation approaching. But inside the lagoon was priceless! {read about it HERE}


Pala-lala-wan! I’m in love with you!


Who wouldn’t love Palawan?


sunburn, so what? Smile

To be continued…

Alaska celebrates first ever World Milk Day in the Philippines

Alaska celebrates World Milk Day
June 1 is World Milk Day! As the leading milk company in the Philippines that provides Filipino families superior and affordable nutrition, Alaska Milk Corporation spearheads the celebration of World Milk Day in the country.

To bald or not to bald?

This second week of June, I together with a few brave men of C3 will be joining a water safety/rescue survival training under PCG SOU. The water training will be very very tough like seriously tough! Most of the trainees are men and guess what, they already shaved off their pretty boy hair. And my brother, who will also join the  training will have his hair cut anytime soon. Now, I am thinking of shaving off my hair too. But I had to think a million times and first do my survey + research. So I went online to see female celebrities who once in their life made a decision to get bald.

I found so many beautiful and very charming female celebrities who dared to shave off their crowning glory- yes their precious long hair, and they are ALL pretty. But I cant help not to have favoritism at all. Here’s my top 5 favorite hairless female celebrities (in no particular order). 

demi moore
Demi Moore
Oh! my most favorite, the charming of them all. She’s not so young but she.is.so.beautiful and charming! No wonder younger guys fell for her. Smile

Megan Fox
No big deal being bald. Life is so unfair! haha She’s just too foxy and hot.

Natalie Portman
She is so GORGEOUS! Face that could launch a thousand ships! I love her, I love her, iLOVEHER!

Tyra Banks
I’m not sure of this photo coz it looks edited, but I remember my brother told me that she once shaved off her hair. Anyway, with or without hair, I still love her look and confidence-which makes her stand out of the crowd. 

scarlet t johansson
Scarlett Johansson
I'm not pretty convince if she really went bald but isn’t she lovely? 
She’s the pretty lady who can kick asses in the movie Avengers! How come I knew it just now. haha

Now let's get back to the question? To bald or not to bald? Will I look that gorgeous as well? ;) Oh that's another question, I guess. 

--- We will see how I look when I get bald, SOON! So keep posted.  :) 

Freeway’s National Artist Collector’s Series Lucio San Pedro Fall 2013

The Row, Glorietta 1
Music and fashion meets as Freeway celebrates its 100th anniversary with the launch of the 9th installment of the National Artist Collector’s Series Fall 2013 last May 28 at The Row, Glorietta 1.

Birthday extension

I never wanted a grand birthday party. Just a simple, memorable and refreshing one. Something like this:

my birthday celebration

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! –from the bottom of my heart

I did not expect the tarp and the giveaways, so I was shocked a little. But it was heartfelt, I seriously want to cry that moment.  So, to those who prepared for this, thanks thanks to the moon and back. I appreciate your kindness.


Na-surprised talaga ko, lalo na sa tarpaulin! hehe. Thanks talaga!

ACER at 10, inTENse!

With the theme “InTENse,” Acer Philippines, the company that brought us those sleek, ultra-light laptops, and now a major player in electronics/IT industry in the Philippines, celebrated its 10th anniversary last Tuesday, May 21,  with a grand event at the Isla Ballroom of the Edsa Shangri-La, Mandaluyong City.

My 25th year celebration

Annually, my birthday celebration used to be really REALLY memorable. And i am forever grateful to my family and friends who made those years extra special. But this year was different, i prefer to be really passive. Not that my emotional side mode is on, but because my mind cant help but focused on the wasted times and the +1 year to my age. Plus, the thought of becoming and entering into a more serious hardcore phase of life- ADULTHOOD. Oh nooO'es!!!

Photo taken by sister before we went to work and look what she did

Inspiring People with Ayala Malls' Style Origin 2013

Beautiful men and women flooded the Amphitheater at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig last Saturday May 11, as the Style Origin, a yearly fashion event, took place. People can’t help but notice these stunning models walking along the high street earlier that night, clothed with variant of sleek brands- which were the highlight of the event.

Style Origin, a yearly fashion event in partnership with Ayala Malls, aims to inspire people to bring about positive changes to their lifestyles. The event gets the latest trends/product to the market through a series of fashion shows across all Ayala Malls and Style Souks, shopping events that offer discounts and exclusive items to the public. Indeed, the show was interesting with the variant of styles worn by the models, from casual, formal,  sports attire, and more.

Getting inked for the first time

April is beach time therefore, my chance to cross off a few number in my long bucket list.  And one thing I had in mind was getting a henna tattoo. I never really had a real henna tat ever, so when we went to Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte last April, I grabbed the opportunity to get inked for the first time. Yeah! First! Oh well, not really, because I had it when I was in highschool as a product of our boredom, when our teachers went lazy. But, that was an exemption because we were only using our colored pens to draw on each others skin. And that’s no different, a lot of you might be doing or at least done that once in your life. :)

Okay, with no further a do, let me share you my experience in getting a henna tattoo in pictures.

IMG_4120tattoo artist started sketching using a pen, wow-familiar? haha!

I got mine for 100 pesos. That’s their minimum price. Not bad for the first time.

IMG_4121Finally he’s using a heavier ink {a bit ticklish in the skin}


In less than 5 minutes it’s done!-LOVE.MUSIC.CLEVER  


Look! I wasn’t the only one who got inked

Experience: I, probably, was the most OC {or paranoid} customer they had that night. I asked so many questions starting from the price, the design, the materials to be used, if I can get it for a cheaper price, what to do after, what not to do, will it irritate my skin, do they do permanent tats, how long will it last, name it. Good thing kuya {tattoo artist} was very cool and friendly. And he was multi tasking. He can make chikkas while doing the tat.

Tattoo lasted for 3-4 weeks depending on how often you wash and scrub it. I had it for 4 weeks and I showed it to my colleagues who had a permanent tat. They said the artist who did mine was pretty good. {good job, kuya!}

Having a tattoo is pretty cool and tempting but I don’t want it permanent. Too painful for me, haha!

Note when getting a henna tattoo: Never grab a henna tattoo when you have a sensitive skin. Mine isn’t but one of our friends went irritated the night she got henna. And the day after, her skin turned reddish. But now she’s good and very happy, at least she discovered what not to try next time.

{Read more of our Ilocos experience HERE}