This second week of June, I together with a few brave men of C3 will be joining a water safety/rescue survival training under PCG SOU. The water training will be very very tough like seriously tough! Most of the trainees are men and guess what, they already shaved off their pretty boy hair. And my brother, who will also join the  training will have his hair cut anytime soon. Now, I am thinking of shaving off my hair too. But I had to think a million times and first do my survey + research. So I went online to see female celebrities who once in their life made a decision to get bald.

I found so many beautiful and very charming female celebrities who dared to shave off their crowning glory- yes their precious long hair, and they are ALL pretty. But I cant help not to have favoritism at all. Here’s my top 5 favorite hairless female celebrities (in no particular order).

I never wanted a grand birthday party. Just a simple, memorable and refreshing one. Something like this:

my birthday celebration

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! –from the bottom of my heart

I did not expect the tarp and the giveaways, so I was shocked a little. But it was heartfelt, I seriously want to cry that moment.  So, to those who prepared for this, thanks thanks to the moon and back. I appreciate your kindness.


Na-surprised talaga ko, lalo na sa tarpaulin! hehe. Thanks talaga!

Beautiful men and women flooded the Amphitheater at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig last Saturday May 11, as the Style Origin, a yearly fashion event, took place. People can’t help but notice these stunning models walking along the high street earlier that night, clothed with variant of sleek brands- which were the highlight of the event.

Style Origin, a yearly fashion event in partnership with Ayala Malls, aims to inspire people to bring about positive changes to their lifestyles. The event gets the latest trends/product to the market through a series of fashion shows across all Ayala Malls and Style Souks, shopping events that offer discounts and exclusive items to the public. Indeed, the show was interesting with the variant of styles worn by the models, from casual, formal,  sports attire, and more.