Getting inked for the first time

April is beach time therefore, my chance to cross off a few number in my long bucket list.  And one thing I had in mind was getting a henna tattoo. I never really had a real henna tat ever, so when we went to Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte last April, I grabbed the opportunity to get inked for the first time. Yeah! First! Oh well, not really, because I had it when I was in highschool as a product of our boredom, when our teachers went lazy. But, that was an exemption because we were only using our colored pens to draw on each others skin. And that’s no different, a lot of you might be doing or at least done that once in your life. :)

Okay, with no further a do, let me share you my experience in getting a henna tattoo in pictures.

IMG_4120tattoo artist started sketching using a pen, wow-familiar? haha!

I got mine for 100 pesos. That’s their minimum price. Not bad for the first time.

IMG_4121Finally he’s using a heavier ink {a bit ticklish in the skin}


In less than 5 minutes it’s done!-LOVE.MUSIC.CLEVER  


Look! I wasn’t the only one who got inked

Experience: I, probably, was the most OC {or paranoid} customer they had that night. I asked so many questions starting from the price, the design, the materials to be used, if I can get it for a cheaper price, what to do after, what not to do, will it irritate my skin, do they do permanent tats, how long will it last, name it. Good thing kuya {tattoo artist} was very cool and friendly. And he was multi tasking. He can make chikkas while doing the tat.

Tattoo lasted for 3-4 weeks depending on how often you wash and scrub it. I had it for 4 weeks and I showed it to my colleagues who had a permanent tat. They said the artist who did mine was pretty good. {good job, kuya!}

Having a tattoo is pretty cool and tempting but I don’t want it permanent. Too painful for me, haha!

Note when getting a henna tattoo: Never grab a henna tattoo when you have a sensitive skin. Mine isn’t but one of our friends went irritated the night she got henna. And the day after, her skin turned reddish. But now she’s good and very happy, at least she discovered what not to try next time.

{Read more of our Ilocos experience HERE}

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