My 25th year celebration

Annually, my birthday celebration used to be really REALLY memorable. And i am forever grateful to my family and friends who made those years extra special. But this year was different, i prefer to be really passive. Not that my emotional side mode is on, but because my mind cant help but focused on the wasted times and the +1 year to my age. Plus, the thought of becoming and entering into a more serious hardcore phase of life- ADULTHOOD. Oh nooO'es!!!

Photo taken by sister before we went to work and look what she did

So, to avoid the celebration, I chose to hid my birth date to FB world and to my colleagues. And like the usual, I started my day doing the regular routine. Get up, a lil chat with thy Father above, checked my phone (okay, 3 hbd messages received), grabbed something to fill my empty tummy and went to the office. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing big and exciting. Just.what.i.wanted.

But, as i thought everything was going according to my plan, my lil clumsy mouth spoiled it all. I broke my own silence and spilled the beans-to my colleagues. Ugh. Blame me and my beautiful mess which actually started up my mood swing.

True, all of a sudden my mood changed. I felt different. I was tickled pink at the very moment they greeted me. The inner kid hiding awakened so quick.. funny me, i know! but these feelings were real and i cant deny them. So I allowed myself to enjoy the day and just go with the flow.

I confirmed the happy bday post on my fb wall. All the posts were specially created like you really had a nice bond with each of them. For me its awesome to know that those really close to you remembered your special day without you telling them. Oh! I'm just so thankful, Lord.

Acer at 10 event

After the quick transition, i went to an event in Shangri la hotel. It was so grand i felt like it was my party they were celebrating. You can read it here

At 3pm, i bought earphones (finally got to cross off in my long wishlist) then went to my love. Where i feel excited, at peace, serene and sort of joyful-Swimming pool. Told you im just a simple girl. Just music and water around me and I'm at my happiest.

Me at my playground

Sister and her boyfriend picked me up at 7. We were dining at the nearest fastfood when younger brother called and spoiled my sisters surprise, though i was a lil expectant of it. Knowing her. Bu all i wanted that moment was to hit the bunk.

As i arrived home, i saw a cake! With no light. Oh boy they forgot to lit the candle. Hahaha They panicked when they saw me. They even sung the hbd song in a fastforward panicky mode. Haha Spell HILARIOUS!

photo taken and customized by sissy

And oh the gifts! Perhaps it was the plan B of their epic surprise. Oh well, i was surprised because! A Sennheiser headset, boy! And an under armour top, oh sweet heaven!

I also got 3 of 6 pairs of flip flops from brother, yeye! and a party planned by mom and C3 friends, which you can read HERE

Thank u Lord! I did not asked any of these but You gave it big time! Do i have anything to ask for? I have a beautiful family who have been loving me and my crazy world. Friends of different personalities but will always stick to each other. And a loving, patient, magnificent GOD who guides, understands and FORGIVES.
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