When was the last time you saw them smile?

Seriously, when was the last time you saw your grandparents smile? Oh no, not the leftover smile. I am talking about the genuine big smile that radiates through the being.

Like this in the picture.

I remember when my lolos and lolas used to walk with me, play all day long with me, learn new things with me, stand by my side every time I fall, and laugh so hard at my clumsiness. Those were the precious days and I was only a toddler then. Now, since they needed a lot of rest, I can barely see them and their sunshine smiles. And that, I missed so much!

Under the Sea

When we went to Palawan, one thing we considered bringing was an underwater camera. It’s a must for those planning a trip there, especially when most of your places to visit is composed of islands, like ours. Though we were still able to use our regular cellphones and cameras during non water activities. Yun lang, sayang if you can’t take pictures underwater.

Fish feeding at Shimizu Island

Oh no! andami nila, takbo!!! (war between fishes and men)