What Every Filipino Woman Should Know

“Better safe than sorry.”- You probably heard this saying a lot of times since you were a kid. For some, these words started to lose its meaning. But for the others, taking precautions is a serious priority.  

Last November 15, 2013, I together with a number of media and bloggers joined an event called 360º of Protection. The topic was shifting the focus on health care for women from treatment to prevention by standardizing health care prevention methods through the most cost effective way.

DSC07945360º of Protection Wheel

Declutter your home before Christmas season

Decluttering your home before Christmas season is one thing to cross off in your to do list in preparation for the year to come. Imagine a clutter-free, organized and relaxing environment with your family on Christmas eve. Who wouldn't want that?

The thing is, decluttering is easier said than done. Look around. Just in time the super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines is as good as your messy drawers loaded closets, storage bins, or perhaps your entire room. You don’t know what else to do because no matter how many times you organized your stuff, it all lead to disaster.

TooMuchStuffPhoto credit: Patchespaws