I believe in miracles…” I can’t help myself not to sing out loud. It was beyond my expectation.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle came to our doorstep just in time before I finally move abroad. I was packing my favorite clothes along with few toiletries when I heard someone knocking. The man handed a 70ml golden conditioner tube.

DSC04120Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Press Release:

Manila, Philippines , 6th February 2015: Global online food delivery company Foodpanda announced today that it has fully acquired Singapore-based Food Runner, which operates the brands Room Service in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and in the Philippines, City Delivery. Already in leading position in most of its Asian markets, foodpanda additionally acquired competitors in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh. This follows the series of acquisition in Europe, giving foodpanda the leadership in South East Asia, next to its other core markets in India, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Those who were born in the times where library and museums are the only means of research, (Yes, I’m raising my hand.) you know  there’s a big difference then and now. Before, old paintings, artifacts and deteriorating books, that seem to speak of its own history, can easily fuel interest and excitement.  Now, since we are on a digital age,  you cannot just expect that same level of interest from younger generations, which is sad because it actually eliminates the need for libraries or museums. Good thing, Lopez Museum and Samsung partnered to give us a digitally enhanced museum experience as they open its first exhibition for 2015, entitled Propaganda.