Modelling 101: A First for 2015


This is a first shoot for 2015 and hopefully not the last. I personally demanded this to my brother-tographer  before I fly to another country (for work) and he granted it.

Our  original plan was me as Queen Elsa in Frozen because of the white wig, which we borrowed from Sarah our cosplayer friend with wide collection of wigs and anime costumes. Thank you Sarah! Then, since my make up turned out to be a little evil-ish we decided to turn it into a mermaid instead. Brother didn't like it. So, I ended up removing my make up, after all, and making it look more natural.That's how we roll, normally.

While we were shooting, ugh… you be the judge what character I turned out to be. Ever thanks to my photographer brother who is so good at transforming me into a different persona. I'll surely miss this. 


Photos by: Juan Hapito
Make Up by Me
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