Mar 29, 2011

Avida Land Corp. Enters Mandaluyong with Avida Towers Centera

Avida Towers Centera is a tribute to the energy 
and thrill of urban existence, as expressed through 
contemporary design with its roof deck lanterns
and all-glass walls.
 Avida Land reached another milestone with the grand launch of its newest condominium offering, Avida Towers Centera, last March 19, 2011 at the MegaTent in Pasig City.

The momentous event, which was titled “Top Form: Avida Towers Centera Grand Launch”, was highlighted by a toast led by top executives from Ayala land and Avida Land, who were joined on stage by officers from project JV partner Philippine National Bank (PNB).

Mar 26, 2011

Alter Space: One Small Step To Save The Planet

One of the many things mom has been teaching us since we were kids is to live an earth-friendly lifestyle. She encouraged us to join environmental organizations, she told us to lessen the use of plastics, which greatly contribute to the decaying of our planet, throw your garbage properly, use organic products, turn off appliances when not really needed, use glass of water when brushing your teeth, recycle gray water to flush the poop, plant trees, and many other stuffs. These small chores, we admit, were sometimes neglected. 
But, as we grow up we realize that doing those small steps played a BIG ROLE on saving our mother earth.
I just wanna share you a short video on how our small steps can help save our planet. 

Alter Space: Newest FB Game To Save The Planet

DEFROST THE FRIDGE REGULARLY –  That’s a tip from Alter Space.
 Playing the game generates Earth-friendly tips that save energy
and reduce carbon emissions. 
I am not actually into online games for the reason that for me, they just consume the remaining time I have on earth. Then, I was given a chance to peek at this NEW FILIPINO-DEVELOPED Facebook game: ALTER SPACE. Developed by AboitizPower, the game is to educate gamers on Carbon Footprint Reduction. A fun way for gamers to learn practical tips on Earth-friendly lifestyle.
Alter Space keeps up-to-date with environmental and Earth-friendly projects. One of these is Earth Hour, a global event that calls on people around the world to shut down all non-essential lights and appliances on the last Saturday of March, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, according to their local time. In support to earth-hour, Alter Space has introduced a new mini-game called “Switch Chaser”. where the gamer’s avatar is required to switch off whatever appliance has been left on in his or her virtual home. The gamer has two minutes to move around the house, using the PC arrow keys, and turn off an appliance. The gamer needs to press the space bar once the avatar is beside an appliance to turn it off. The gamer must turn off as many appliances as possible within two minutes.   

Mar 25, 2011

Avida Towers Centera soon to rise in EDSA-Mandaluyong

Avida Land Corporation breaks another ground with its latest development: Avida Towers Centera. This 4-tower condominium will soon to rise,near the busy Ortigas area, in Mandaluyong City.
According to Avida Head of Residential Buildings Dez Cruz, “Living in a convenient urban location is of prime importance for many young urban professionals.  Centera’s location brings them close to their places of work, schools, churches and hospitals. It is also near main roads and accessible through public transportation along Edsa,”.

 Night Shot
A contemporary design with its roof 
deck lanterns and all-glass walls.
The soon-to-rise development is Avida’s entry to the “Golden Triangle” of the Makati, Manila, and Quezon areas.  It is to be found at the center of everything a dynamic urbanite could wish for—lifestyle areas, dining strips, schools, offices, and businesses.
Avida Towers Centera sits on a 1.25 hectares of land near Manila and Pasig. It is bordered to the northeast by Quezon City; to the south by Makati and to the northwest by San Juan.

Mar 24, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

March 23, 2011- I . together with my mom and his workmates, decided to witness the historical celebration of worldwide's Earth Hour  at the Ayala Makati. For me, it was great, knowing that a lot of people supported the event. Here are some of the phots taken via my nearly depleting battery jurassic sony cybershot. :) Enjoy!

Meet My Adventure Partner

My Adventure Partner is a very strong and courageous woman. Yes! You'll feel so safe with her because, she got what it takes to be a super heroine; a strong will to save lives of not only human race but also those who belong to the non living. But despite the fact that she's got a strong muscles to save the planet, she also has this deceitful charm that makes her the Ms. Congeniality. Truly, this woman is a WOW!
And now, let me introduce you, my teacher, my bestfriend, my buddy, my comforter, my funny chubby gal, my encourager and definitely my adventure partner; no other than my beautiful and strong MOM!
When I was a kid, I said to myself, "I wanna be like her"! A Rescuer!A Mountaineer!A Great Swimmer... I really wanted to save lives! And, I wanna be strong like her. So I joined scouting and she's very supportive with me. She's the one who shown me basic backpacking, she prepared my things and she taught me the things I needed to know. And, she let me join trainings of basic swimming, bomb threat management, camp management and even search and rescue training.Those were very nerve wracking courses and there were times that I'm almost giving up, but she keeps on challenging and motivating  me. Take note, she's always with me on my training!But not as a stage mom. She only wanted to make sure that I'm safe and I got everything I need. And I love her so much that way.
But you know what's the most noble thing about her as a buddy? She's very protective, even if it costs her own life. A true character of a great adventure partner.

*** An official entry to Wanderlass Adventure Partner Contest***

Mar 23, 2011

A Taste Of Dolor's Kakanin

Everytime we held our JIVE Youth month-end meeting, our pastor (pastor Jeff) would generously bring us a simple treat that we could eat together. And, last month, he brought us sapin-sapin from Dolor's Kakanin. It has a very simple presentation on the outside but on the inside it was a WOW! 
Sapin-sapin is composed of  ube halaya, malagkit, and other colorful kakanin that are suitable pasalubong
The taste was really great. Not the usual kakanin we buy on the corner of the street 'cause it has the perfect texture and that creamy taste you would surely crave for another. Here are some of the photos taken:

Mar 21, 2011

Avida's 3D Street Painting Festival

Yesterday, Avida Land Corp. launched Avida Towers Centera; one of their newest 4-tower Ayala development that features great ammenities for a truly unique in-city living experience . Part of their promotion was the first ever 3D Street Painting Festival held at EDSA Cor. Reliance St. in Mandaluyong organized by Chris Cahilig Consultancy. And we were so blessed to be given the chance to be part of their big event and witness the masterpiece of great Filipino artists.

Mar 18, 2011

Seminar on Bomb Threat Management

"Every morning I scan the pages of the news paper after breakfast, I see the wicked world all over its pages full of greed, immorality,crime and violence, conflict, murder, nudity, name it. The news had them all..."
I remember this article written by our english teacher Ms. Eden Gomez. I already have forgotten the title and yet, some lines are still in my memory. This shows that the days are getting evil. Wicked things happen around the corner. Disaster strikes in and great countries fall. We may not stop these things from occuring but we can do something to prevent it from happening. In short, we must all be prepared in a tragedy like what happened in Japan.

Mar 3, 2011

Makati Fire Prevention Month

You see, in this picture, two ladies holding the fire hose nozzle like they're having fun doing car wash or watering the plants perhaps. LOL! First glance, it seems easy to looked at, but when I asked my mom (who is on the back of the lady holding the nozzle), she told me it is reeeeally hard to control over the hose. She said that the water pressure is far stronger that I imagined. :) whew!
By the way, Fire Hose Nozzle, which is used by the firefighters to combat fire, is made out of stainless steel encased in thick rubber.It has rubber gasket used to prevent leaking. The outer rubber rings absorb impact and