Mar 3, 2011

Makati Fire Prevention Month

You see, in this picture, two ladies holding the fire hose nozzle like they're having fun doing car wash or watering the plants perhaps. LOL! First glance, it seems easy to looked at, but when I asked my mom (who is on the back of the lady holding the nozzle), she told me it is reeeeally hard to control over the hose. She said that the water pressure is far stronger that I imagined. :) whew!
By the way, Fire Hose Nozzle, which is used by the firefighters to combat fire, is made out of stainless steel encased in thick rubber.It has rubber gasket used to prevent leaking. The outer rubber rings absorb impact and
 also protect from accidental drop.

I remember just a while ago, I heard there was a fire in South Cembo, happens to be our previous residence. According to initial investigations, the fire reached the third alarm. Still, have no idea where the sparked started. Prior to the citizen in the said area; the maid of the family was suspected to be responsible for the fire which strucked the area. The young couple suffered from 2nd and third degree burn while their baby got 3rd degree burn and after couple of hours... died. :(

These pictures shows a fire drill here in Makati, usually done on the month of March(considered as Fire Prevention Month). My mom (one of the lady in blue) guides the C3 personnel on fire hose handling. I believed Makati Government provides trainings and drills in disaster management not only for the government employees and volunteers but also for the students. Good for us, we have such kind of training so when the need arise we can do something about it. I hope today's government can offer same FREE training opportunities.

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