Mar 24, 2011

Meet My Adventure Partner

My Adventure Partner is a very strong and courageous woman. Yes! You'll feel so safe with her because, she got what it takes to be a super heroine; a strong will to save lives of not only human race but also those who belong to the non living. But despite the fact that she's got a strong muscles to save the planet, she also has this deceitful charm that makes her the Ms. Congeniality. Truly, this woman is a WOW!
And now, let me introduce you, my teacher, my bestfriend, my buddy, my comforter, my funny chubby gal, my encourager and definitely my adventure partner; no other than my beautiful and strong MOM!
When I was a kid, I said to myself, "I wanna be like her"! A Rescuer!A Mountaineer!A Great Swimmer... I really wanted to save lives! And, I wanna be strong like her. So I joined scouting and she's very supportive with me. She's the one who shown me basic backpacking, she prepared my things and she taught me the things I needed to know. And, she let me join trainings of basic swimming, bomb threat management, camp management and even search and rescue training.Those were very nerve wracking courses and there were times that I'm almost giving up, but she keeps on challenging and motivating  me. Take note, she's always with me on my training!But not as a stage mom. She only wanted to make sure that I'm safe and I got everything I need. And I love her so much that way.
But you know what's the most noble thing about her as a buddy? She's very protective, even if it costs her own life. A true character of a great adventure partner.

*** An official entry to Wanderlass Adventure Partner Contest***


  1. Cool mom! How nice to have your mom as an adventure partner. I love it. Thanks for the entry. :)

  2. the pleasure is mine po :) Godbless u and family :)


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