Mar 18, 2011

Seminar on Bomb Threat Management

"Every morning I scan the pages of the news paper after breakfast, I see the wicked world all over its pages full of greed, immorality,crime and violence, conflict, murder, nudity, name it. The news had them all..."
I remember this article written by our english teacher Ms. Eden Gomez. I already have forgotten the title and yet, some lines are still in my memory. This shows that the days are getting evil. Wicked things happen around the corner. Disaster strikes in and great countries fall. We may not stop these things from occuring but we can do something to prevent it from happening. In short, we must all be prepared in a tragedy like what happened in Japan.
Just like yesterday, mom told me to join a seminar on bomb threat management. I said to myself, "Clarissa, what will you do with it huh? You are not part of the protective sector! It's not your cup of tea!" But my other half says, "It will be beneficial for you to join such training. It's additional knowledge for you and preparedness too. So when it hits our country, you know what to do." Ofcourse, I'll go for the suggestion of my good part of the brain. :)
On the seminar, SPO3 aka thunder 5 and PO3 aka Thunder 2 discussed about bomb threat management. Basically, they taught us about handling a possible threat (a caller), who are the possible bomber, how to inspect the vicnity, what to do when inspecting  and when there's a suspicious object found, plus the basic materials in making improvised explosive device (IED). They also told us the importance of security guards and maintenance; the first and second line of defense. And, that all of us have a part in ensuring a safe environment. That, I would definitely agree with! :)

Here, I got a souvenir photo for all of you....

...of me and sweet vintage grenade
hmmmnnn... SPO3 said that it works like this...

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