Apr 25, 2011

Letting Go

My cam is similar to this one but a bit worn out
Sad news my dear friends; my Sony Jurrasic camera which accompanied me for the past years broke down all of a sudden. I can still turn it on but the LCD screen becomes white and images are not shown. :( Now, I don't have a camera to capture exciting moments this coming Summer Youth Camp. Is this a sign of kissing my  dear cam goodbye and purchase a new one? But, I love my jurassic cam and we had so much memories together. Plus, it's a gift from mom. Oh! How hard it is to let go. I hope anyone can hear my heart cry. I really want to revive it at any prize I can afford. But if not possible, maybe I really need to let it go though I'm still, praying for miracles. :')

Ready To Go Camping?

Tomorrow will be the start of our Summer Youth Camp and I haven't packed my things yet. Blame my lazy bones for convincing me to do it later. But, (yeah!) will definitely do it as soon as my clothes dried up. Thanks to Mr. Sunshine for your strong heat that even my brainjuice got drained. Also, to mom who encouraged me to pack my things now so I wont cram and forget those essential items. Now, I'm refreshing my camp memories and preparing myself for a heavy duty 4-day out of my comfort zone. But I'm confident it'll gonna great and exciting.

Apr 18, 2011

Coughing Myths and Cures

Coughing is one health condition we have encountered at least a dozen times in our lives.  Some people even go to the extent of using various remedies and treatments available in their quest to relieve their cough.      

However, there are many misconceptions and non-scientific practices in the treatment of cough, which may even prove detrimental to our health in the long run.

One popular practice is eating hot soup to help cure coughs and colds.  While this practice does help soothe an irritated throat, it does not, unfortunately, help cure one’s cough.

Avida Settings Cavite “Homefest” brings taste of the good life in Phase 2 grand launch

GUESTS WERE TREATED TO A MINI-CONCERT, FUN GAMES and exciting prizes treated during a fun-filled weekend at “Homefest”, the grand launch of Avida Settings Cavite Phase 2. The launch also featured the inauguration of the residential development’s amenity area.

“We held the Avida Settings Cavite Phase 2 grand launch on a weekend and called it ‘Homefest’ because great memories and family are what Avida residential developments are all about.  We chose family friendly musical entertainment plus games and raffle prizes to give our buyers and other guests a taste of the joy in store for them when they become Avida Settings Cavite residents,” says Tess Tatco, Avida Land Corp. Marketing Manager.

Apr 10, 2011

Find A Good investment in Avida Towers Alabang

Amidst the burgeoning supply of affordable condominiums and the continuous tightening of competition in the real estate industry, Avida Land Corp., the affordable arm of property giant Ayala Land, Inc., remains its stronghold among homebuyers and investors.

With its prime location and affordability, Avida Towers
Alabang continue to attract homebuyers and investors.
Avida Towers Alabang, one of Avida’s newest condominium projects, for instance has incredibly raked in sales and is continuously gaining market interest. Most of its buyers are families, local investors, expatriates, as well as young professionals from Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, and other areas in Southern Luzon who have found a good investment in the residential project due to its prime location and the numerous lifestyle opportunities it affords.

Apr 8, 2011

Reward Yourself with Cuckoo Clock

SINIX World Class Wall Clock
I remember the old days when mom bring us to the province every vacation so she can earn extra money for us. Those days were amazing for a kid like me. Waking up by the old grandfather's clock in a place where the air is so refreshing, the relaxing cold breeze from the shore, that so delicious hot pandesal and every living creature that heightens my curiosity. Oh! Here I go again reminiscing.

However, nowadays, time flies. It has its wings that even the best runner can't catch from it. Everything is in fast-phased. That is why most of the people in the city would find anything just to give time for themselves. Time to slow down, rest, meditate and just relax.

For mama and I, we'd rather go to the province. Enjoy the calm ambiance, witness those gorgeous trees, feel the cold splash of the water from the beach, walk on the shores while eating our favorite mangoes, chitchat with the relatives til we drop into the dreamland. And the moment we hear the rooster crowed, our eyes would automatically open up. Those experiences are definitely rewarding. Too bad, as of now, we got no time for that. But, World Class Wall Clock on the left (I recently found on the net), will surely bring you the feeling of being in the province. Just the same feeling when you had your grandfather's clock waking you up.

This wooden cased Cuckoo Clock is just one of product made exclusively by SINIX. It has distinctive features that would surely bring you to the world of relaxation. Such as every hour cuckoo or doll alarms with melody, auto night shut off and yes, a quartz movement which you see in these days modern watches. It also has Cuckoo volume control which ranges from Off, Low, and High. Plus the fact that it is water proof. So, you need not to worry hanging it anywhere. 

Now, what are you waiting for? It's time to reward yourself!
Visit http://sinix.en.ecplaza.net/ for details  and grab the opportunity of having a World Class Wall Clock inside your crib.

Apr 7, 2011

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery: The latest non-invasive brain surgery

In the past years, several modern procedures for the treatment of brain disorders have been made available in the Philippines. 

These have given Filipinos easier access to procedures that they have otherwise gone abroad for and all the incidental expenses for travel and accommodations to think of.

One such procedure is the Gamma Knife Radiosurgery pioneered by the Philippine Gamma Knife Center at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center. It was established in 1998 to provide the Filipino patient access to neurosurgical technology that was difficult to access. It was created to become a center of excellence for Stereotactic Neurosurgery and Radiosurgery.

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery represents an advance in the field of Stereotactic Neurosurgery and is considered as the gold standard in noninvasive brain surgery. It was the result of a relentless pursuit by Dr. Lars Leksell, of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, to develop less invasive methods of cranial surgery.  Dr. Leksell developed the Gamma Knife as a noninvasive procedure for performing stereotactic functional neurosurgery.

The respect accorded to Gamma Knife Radiosurgery is based on three reasons: its guaranteed quick recovery time, its high performance rating among experts and patients alike, and the team of experts who perform the procedure.

Quick recovery time
Gamma Knife minimizes the possibility of developing complications.  Following the patient’s admission, a stereotactic frame is attached to the patient’s head, then, neuroimaging such as MRI, CT Scan or cerebral angiography is performed. A marker on the stereotactic frame allows the Gamma Knife team to localize the tumor or vascular malformation with exact precision on a state of the art computer work station. When the plan is complete, actual treatment will follow which usually last a single day.  

“Compared to conventional open surgery, Gamma Knife allows the patients to return to his daily activities quickly and cost effectively. Because the Gamma Knife requires no incisions, and in most cases requires local anesthesia, many of the risk associated with conventional surgery such as infection, hemorrhage, adverse reaction to anesthesia and death are actually eliminated.

The procedure is accomplished within a very brief time frame. It is usually performed as an out patient basis with no associated convalescence. Most patients resume their normal activities after discharge from the center.

Safer and more effective
But more than quick recovery time, what is being commended by doctors and Gamma Knife patients alike is the accuracy with which Gamma Knife treats a brain disorder. In fact, there is no other procedure that can claim to have greater acceptance among the world’s leading hospitals and medical practitioners when it comes to the non-invasive treatment of brain disorders than Gamma Knife.
Here, no scalpels are required and no blood is shed. Patients undergoing the Gamma Knife procedure will have their brain disorders treated, instead, through the delivery of a high single dose of radiation to that area that is affected. That makes it safer as surrounding tissues will not be affected during or after the procedure.

Patients whose lives have been changed after a Gamma Knife treatment also number in hundreds of thousands around the world. The technology involved in this procedure ensures its precision in treating a brain disorder. It has been proven to be one of the most successful radiosurgery weapons in the fight against brain disorders such as Arteriovenous malformation, benign intracranial tumors including acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, pituitary adenomas, craniopharyngiomas, pineal tumors, malignant tumors such as metastatic carcinoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Other candidates for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery include patients with residual lesions left unresected by previous open neurosurgical procedure, patients at high risk for surgical complications due to age or underlying medical problems, and patient who refuse craniotomy. This is why it is preferred by the experts. Morbidity is low and mortality is none.

Since its clinical start-up in 1998, the Philippine Gamma Knife Center has performed over 1700 radiosurgical and open stereotactic procedures. The safety and effectiveness of the Gamma Knife procedure is ensured by a multi disciplinary team of medical professionals which are all trained in Stockholm, Sweden.

The team is composed of Neurosurgeons, headed by Dr. Vesagas who currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Asian Leksell Gamma Knife Society, Radiation Oncologist, Medical Physicist, Anesthesiologist and Neurosurgical Nurse with years of experience behind them. Averaging 130 cases a year, the Stereotactic Neurosurgery team at the Philippine Gamma Knife Center is the most experienced in the country, bar none.

Need to know more about how Gamma Knife can help you? Just visit the PGKC at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center or visit their website at www.gammaknife.com.ph or call 7259254;7237575.

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Apr 2, 2011

Parenting tips: How to make your kids take their medicine

 As a parent, you know that making your children take their medicine can pose quite a challenge. That’s because most of the time, children find their medicines to be bad-tasting, so they will do practically anything to avoid having to take them.

Don’t give up. Knowing this fact already brings you one step closer to finding out how you can make them take their medicine instead of forcing or fighting with them.  Here are some things that can help you: